I am a registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and I have insurance with Lackner McLeannan. I specialize in working with people who are interested in improving their lives through body movement. If you are interested in learning how to connect your mind, body and soul I would love to invite you to one of my classes. 

When I started my yogic journey I started with no connection to my body, mind and soul. I over worked my body at the gym and in my home life. I thought I could do it all. 

I alway’s thought yoga was a waste of time, time that I could of been using in the gym or doing laundry! When I first started yoga I could not stay still in the poses~seriously imagine a child! 

 Who want’s to focus on what is actually going on in this fast paced world? I sure didn’t! 

Then one day I decided noting was working for me very well! I was not getting along very well with my husband, children and of course get myself! I am a very do something with all my heart and put everything I have into it kinda girl. I did yoga for 2 month’s every day! I would get up at 6 am before (sometimes before and hopefully before) my family and practice. I can honestly say it changed my life! I realized I actually had a body and breath and it could connect and it needed to! The stress in my life went way down and everyone around me noticed it. I was even gaining flexibility! Flexibility that i never knew I had. I knew this had to be a life changing event, and it was! I did my 200 Yoga Teacher Training with Seva Yoga Co. August 2017. The benefit’s only keep increasing: Stress relief, feeling more at home in my body and developing mental ability to focus on and have clarity to what I want in my life! 

I encourage and invite you to take the all important first step for you and your life that will lead you to a valuable and meaningful path. Join my E-mail list so I can keep you posted about up coming class’s and events and I invite any and all question’s you need to ask before attending a class. I also would like to extend my gratitude to you for trusting me on your journey and offer your first class with me free. Namaste