Not Your Typical Yogi

Not Your Typical Yogi

What is a typical yogi anyway's? What does a yogi mean to you? 

A lot of the times I struggle with where I fit in to this whole Yoga thing? I haven't been practicing yoga for years and years I defiantly don't study yoga enough! Honestly sometimes I don't even know how I became a yoga teacher! ! I struggle to find my grove my niche in this world full of beautiful yogi's! Not being able to touch my toes move or bend very well, I think every part of my body is "tight". I don't flow into the posture like a beautiful butterfly. It's sometimes messy and not so graceful.(most times)  I'm sure people that know me were like um she is teaching what? See I have alway's wanted to become a fitness instructor, I played hockey competitively from 12-17 I had a scholarship but turned it down because I was too cool for school at 17! I would now kill for that opportunity! We lived in the country and I use to run everyday. If ever I felt unfit I would listen to my intuition and get my butt up and moving! After I had my first baby (Emma) I gained a lot of weight and felt really crappy about my life and self so I decided to start going for walks eventually made it to the gym and I haven't stopped going ever since! Even with my other 3 pregnancy's. I use to go to kickboxing pregnant with my 3rd (Isabelle) and the other two were just babies (Brennan wasn't even a year) and kick the crap out of the pads I'm taking I went almost to my due date! People laughed at me all the time! I went to the gym every day for a very long time! Then I brunt out after my 4th (Alexandra) and didn't know what the fuck I was doing!

So I started to dabble into this Yoga thing.... I tried to just do yoga and although I love it and I know that it's my happy place there is just something about working my ass off that I can't let go of! I have struggled for a long time now with being ok just doing Yoga and telling myself that's all that I need but reality is that Yoga is NOT all I need! I love to work and sweat! I makes me feel 100x's better! Apparently I have some aggression, some passion and an innate need to get my heart rate up! 

So why you ask did I not follow my passion for fitness? Why did I not save a lot of money and get my group instructor's certificate and just do what I have alway's loved to do and has been in my life for a very long time? Good question! All this talk from me about Authenticity and such has made me really think lately! Answer is that if i hadn't chosen the path that I have taken I wouldn't be where I am today! I wouldn't have been asking myself these question's  I wouldn't have been able to handle the thing's that have came up in my life lately, I would have been a puddle on the floor, a true mess! I'm not saying that people who become fitness instructor's would be a mess I'm just saying for me personally I would of. I seem to have this tunnel vision and not think outside of what I am in... If that makes any sense. 

I find that with Yoga I can truly be in the present moment. I know when I am starting to feel crappy about myself that it's time to step up my dam Yoga game! When I get on my mat it may not be beautiful and graceful to watch on the outside but on the inside I'm like HELL YEAH I'M A ROCK STAR and I love it! It's so funny that I have struggled with just doing one or the other when they are a PERFECT combination to each other! The last training that I completed in Edmonton for Pre-hab , Post-hab with Jules Michelle was exactly what I needed to show me to add the dam work into my class's! YES!! That's my thing! Not flowing graceful (even though I will try) It's putting isometric and eccentric movement's into my sequencing! Target those smaller muscles that don't alway's get the attention that they need! I have not perfected  and don't know where the next training will come from but this is my niche! This is my passion! I may not be your typical Yogi but I AM A YOGI! Not just a Yogi but a Authentic Yogi! 

Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018

As I sit here on my couch drinking my last coffee for 4 day's (maybe longer) I feel a pull to sum up my year in a nutshell!

My 2017 was definitely a year of learning and planting seeds! I have now been doing Chakra balancing and Reiki for a year, I finished my mentorship program for young women and am starting my 2nd girls circle next Wednesday. I also took my Yoga Teacher Training this past August.  All the while still raising 4 kids. Half the time by myself! (my husband works away) Holy shit! When I actually write that all down I am feeling pretty good about myself! I constantly am needing to remind myself to now stick with what I know and master it! I use to never be able to finish anything! I made a commitment to myself last year that this is no longer going to be my way! I did it! *Cheers to me* Was this an easy year for me? Absolutely not! But it for sure was a necessary one! I have learned the importance of self reflection, meditation and the power of an amazing support team! I use to keep everything to myself and never look for outside help. This is what most of us do! Keep it bottled up! I now know that most people are going through the "same shit different pile" that I have! Why don't we all stop judging others and try and lift each other up? Im here to state that if you need to talk or you are having a bad day, month, year I am here, I will listen and I will not judge! I may even have a similar story or circumstance that I am going through or maybe have been through. 

My love for fitness has really taken a back seat this year! Something that I'm not super happy about but looking back I think I needed to focus a little more internally and the external needed to take a back seat. Not going to lie I have been supper hard on myself about this! I have gained weight and do not feel as strong as I once did but I love and accept myself! This year I am setting a goal for myself to complete at least a half marathon and maybe a full.... In the trails of course not much of a highway runner! I am starting a 30 day challenge tomorrow and I am exited and scared because nutrition is not my strong suit and I always seem to find a way to talk myself into that cookie or whatever else! This year I have also became a Vegetarian. Let me tell you! Even if you are a Vegetarian you can make a-lot of wrong choices lol! But it all stops tomorrow! I feel that tomorrow is going to be the start of my full healthy life! It's written down here so now I have to follow through. 

So as I say goodbye to 2017 and some old habits. I welcome 2018 with open arms and a loving and grateful heart! I feel that 2018 is going to be my year! (Hopefully yours too) I have planted the seeds and now it's time to grow my little garden! I already have a lot of things to do that are WAY out of my comfort zone! I am doing a workshop about Yoga next weekend and in February I am dong a Workshop and having a table at Awaken Your Glow retreat! I am so exited and look forward to my new endeavours! Thank everyone for all of there support, kind words of encouragement and Love! May your year be just what you need! 


Randi <3 


Picture this..... November. 26th 8:00 Am snowfall warning -7. I am in the kitchen making a amazing breakfast (that I absolutely love and I will also post) I put on my favorite play list because I know it's going to be that kind of morning. Paper airplanes are flying by my head every now and then I wince and close my eyes because these amazing forms of transportation are about to hit me in the eye or ear! I've tried to say please don't through them in a human being's direction but apparently that doesn't resonate with some people! So I just go with the flow. We have 2 kitten's and a dog that are constantly (I mean like 10 times in half hour) in and out of the house. Close the door you say and don't let them out? Well then there is a constant scratching at the door that I eventually give in anyways and let them out because apparently they did not get the memo that I don't want foot print's ALL over the floor! They just love playing in the snow! One of my daughters are in my bedroom with the door closed watching "Peaceful" TV. The other 3 pull out all the cat toys, I guess I forgot how loud the little ball's with the bell's are inside of them are when I bought them.  All the doors in the hall way close and the kids are throwing 4 of them along with little mice down the hallway.... constantly. All the while yelling mom mom mom I mean MOM MOM MOM look at them; look at the airplane that I made MOM MOM MOM. I crank my tunes a little higher (which also adds to the kayos!) all the while being completely thankful for that 2 Hour restorative Yoga class that I had yesterday! So that get's boring then comes the crafts..... Did you know that I have 3 girls! 3! My son doesn't like crafts so he's (unless it's an airplane) not into colouring! So there is tiny little cut up pieces of paper all over the floor (Yeah the ones that are impossible to pick up)  So looks like I'm vacuuming later! Then my Isabelle my 3rd baby comes up with a great idea to pull names out of a hat and make homemade gifts for which ever name we get... This melts my heart! The point of my story?? Sometimes I do not alway's handle the noise and kayos this amazingly. (More restorative yoga in my life) To some people outside of this house if they were to come in and see this they would probably just say WTF and walk away. To me this is my Kayos! My life; and though sometimes when I am at my limit and stressed to the max can step back and think this life is pretty dam amazing! These kids are loving, caring and most of all they love me and I love them with all our hearts! When I am calm and taking it for what it is. Being grateful I have 4 beautiful children that yell mom TO ME, every 3 seconds! Not yelling and fighting back because the airplanes are flying my way or there are 4 cat toy's jingling down the hall way, what's the point? I take a breath maybe find a "quietish" spot in the house, love and be grateful for all that I have because I am lucky! I've got this! Everything is wonderful and I LOVE MY LIFE.

 Don't Judge! Just make and enjoy!!!! It is so good!&nbsp;

Don't Judge! Just make and enjoy!!!! It is so good! 

I Love and Accept myself

I LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF! 5 simple words right?? Wrong!  I say I love and accept myself through out the day every day. To me I love and accept myself honers how I am feeling right now. Not passing judgement. It is going to be a life long lesson for me to remember! When I was going through one of the biggest spiritual transformation's of my life I kept repeating to myself I love and accept myself I love and accept myself while crying my eyes out of course! You see I never fully love and accepted myself. When I started the big change into becoming a young lady I just became a not so happy person. I think that when growing up we are not taught to listen, honer and accept ourselves and what is going on inside. We just go along with our busy mundane live's. Around 16, 17, I started the typical teenage scene, I had played hockey for about 5 years I had a scholarship to play hockey in Grande Praire (remember I was from Dawson Creek Grande Praire was a big deal :)) But thought other extra circular activities  were way cooler. I starting to drink and dabble into other substances. By this time I of course loved and accepted myself.... (right) because I knew everything :| !!! I was alway's bogged down by the; well what do you want to do when you grow up? What are you going to do after you graduate. I had no idea! Never taking the time to stop and ask myself or listen to my insides! I went on not caring and trying to do anything to figure out this life thing (Like many of us) not getting anywhere feeling lost and forgotten. I moved away for about 3 years to Red Deer and Calgary but also got no where! Not respecting myself or my body! I didn't realize what it was to respect and take care of my mind and body! It was a dark time in my life and I was just looking for a guy to take care of and love me. (yes not realizing I needed to do that!) I ended up moving back to Dawson started hanging out with the same people that I had moved away from the first time. One night I met my now husband. We dated for a little while then ended up getting pregnant I was 22.... OMG! What the.... @$^& was I going to do! It was to say the least one of the most trying times in my life! We didn't have a vehicle, good jobs, nothing! I found out I was pregnant mother's day. You want to talk about water works!!! It was an difficult pregnancy because I had to quite smoking (thank goodness now!) quick drinking and get a grip on life while crazy emotional and hormonal! My poor husband!!!! After we had our first daughter I was 23 and life changed! I knew I had alway's wanted a family (I'm a cancer) life was getting better! In time we ended up having 3 more babies and now I had replaced partying life with being a crazy busy mom raising 4 kids and taking care of everyone else! (I'm sure lots can attest to this). Still not even knowing what loving and accepting myself was! Not looking to myself for Acceptance but to everyone else, my husband, mom, dad, brothers! Why would I look to myself? About a year ago I started! I got out of the house and did something for myself! I knew I had to change my life! Don't get me wrong I love being a mom! I love my family life but I needed to be me to find myself! I wasn't full anymore! I kept snapping at my kids, I was super depressed. I even tried therapy! I ended up taking a weekend long course started my own business and have kept on learning from their! I started meditation;  I downloaded an app called "Inside Timer"! I listened to Live Awake; Loving and listening to yourself, meditation like 3 times a day (at least)! I now can meditate in silence for 25 minutes. (It took a long time for silence to happen for me!) I look back and think hhmmm all of my experiences in life have led me to this point! Was my life perfect? Perhaps I could of done thing's differently; but everything I have been through and experienced has led me to this point in time! I am constantly reminding myself to love and accept myself, but am no longer looking to other's for love and acceptance! It resides within! It is going to be ongoing but I know that if something is going on in life with me and someone or something else I need to stop and think for a moment, why is this triggering me and what do I need to look at in myself to change my perception of the situation?!?! I have 3 beautiful daughters and an amazing son that I need to teach these lesson's too. Life isn't perfect but loving and accepting yourself is! 


My Bio

Randi McFaul moved to Sexsmith AB, from Dawson Creek BC. She has 4 children ages 12-5, 3 girls and 1 boy. Motivated to do something for herself and outside of the home she came across Chakra Therapy training by Candace McKim. From there started working with peoples Energy centres to add balance and relaxation to their lives. Shortly after she took her Reiki level 1 and 2 training with Tracy Persson with Soul Remedies. Then started her own company Soulfirmation, and loves working with people to obtain a healthier life style. Most recently Randi took her 200 teacher yoga training with Sara Conner and Stephanie Wellspring at Seva Co. In her free time she likes to play card games and go hiking with her family, meditating, practicing yoga, going to the gym, and reading amazing books! 

 By earning a certificate in Young Girl mentoring from Journey Of Young Women Mentoring with Katharine Krueger; she is soon to be implementing Young girl mentoring in her community. This is something she is very passionate about and realizes how important it is for young girls to feel safe and tolearn about body sovereignty, self-esteem, puberty and many more not easily talked about subjects. Randi is a very compassionate and caring person who see’s the positive in situation’s. She is very geared up about her new career and is exited to grow together.