Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018

As I sit here on my couch drinking my last coffee for 4 day's (maybe longer) I feel a pull to sum up my year in a nutshell!

My 2017 was definitely a year of learning and planting seeds! I have now been doing Chakra balancing and Reiki for a year, I finished my mentorship program for young women and am starting my 2nd girls circle next Wednesday. I also took my Yoga Teacher Training this past August.  All the while still raising 4 kids. Half the time by myself! (my husband works away) Holy shit! When I actually write that all down I am feeling pretty good about myself! I constantly am needing to remind myself to now stick with what I know and master it! I use to never be able to finish anything! I made a commitment to myself last year that this is no longer going to be my way! I did it! *Cheers to me* Was this an easy year for me? Absolutely not! But it for sure was a necessary one! I have learned the importance of self reflection, meditation and the power of an amazing support team! I use to keep everything to myself and never look for outside help. This is what most of us do! Keep it bottled up! I now know that most people are going through the "same shit different pile" that I have! Why don't we all stop judging others and try and lift each other up? Im here to state that if you need to talk or you are having a bad day, month, year I am here, I will listen and I will not judge! I may even have a similar story or circumstance that I am going through or maybe have been through. 

My love for fitness has really taken a back seat this year! Something that I'm not super happy about but looking back I think I needed to focus a little more internally and the external needed to take a back seat. Not going to lie I have been supper hard on myself about this! I have gained weight and do not feel as strong as I once did but I love and accept myself! This year I am setting a goal for myself to complete at least a half marathon and maybe a full.... In the trails of course not much of a highway runner! I am starting a 30 day challenge tomorrow and I am exited and scared because nutrition is not my strong suit and I always seem to find a way to talk myself into that cookie or whatever else! This year I have also became a Vegetarian. Let me tell you! Even if you are a Vegetarian you can make a-lot of wrong choices lol! But it all stops tomorrow! I feel that tomorrow is going to be the start of my full healthy life! It's written down here so now I have to follow through. 

So as I say goodbye to 2017 and some old habits. I welcome 2018 with open arms and a loving and grateful heart! I feel that 2018 is going to be my year! (Hopefully yours too) I have planted the seeds and now it's time to grow my little garden! I already have a lot of things to do that are WAY out of my comfort zone! I am doing a workshop about Yoga next weekend and in February I am dong a Workshop and having a table at Awaken Your Glow retreat! I am so exited and look forward to my new endeavours! Thank everyone for all of there support, kind words of encouragement and Love! May your year be just what you need! 


Randi <3